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Research & Development

in order to improve our Ayurvedic Products lines and Formulations ...
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Research & Development

Our fulltime R&D team operates a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, allowing us to conduct the majority of our Research and Development tests on site. This greatly contributes towards an expedited manufacturing time, thanks to convenient testing and formulation development. Our chemists utilize a vast collection of authoritative and innovative resources to conduct research. Information sharing on Raw Material’s Technical Data & Material Safety Data Sheets is provided through our vendors and our close relationship with their laboratories. We also utilize online references, academic references and clinical sources. Our lab gathers detailed scientific knowledge on raw materials and their effectiveness in order to improve and expand our product lines and formulations. Samples are often provided to client focus panels for assessment, resulting in higher quality products, safer formulations and competitive pricing.

Our Focus

Pukhraj Organic team led by members of proven experience and creativity is focusing at:

Pukhraj Organic's focus on Research & Development of herbal based product Raw material standardization and sharing of the technology with the industry,
Pukhraj Organic's focus on Research & Development of herbal based product Product development with the proof of Ayurvedic & Herbal principals,
Pukhraj Organic's focus on Research & Development of herbal based product Top Quality R&D for production process standardizations,
Pukhraj Organic's focus on Research & Development of herbal based product Presenting the traditional products in the modern convenient forms.

Manufacturing Facilities

Pukhraj Organic unit is equipped with modern state of the art equipment so that traditional formation can take advantage of modern technology's speed, precision, accuracy & hygiene. The products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the traditional Ayurvedic & Herbal guidelines and principles ...


Quality Control & Safety

A state of the art Quality Control & Assurance Laboratory attached with the Manufacturing unit provides advanced scientific evaluator support to the research works & assures the safety of the medicaments manufactured, from farm to fork. The best quality raw materials are ...


Contract Manufacturing

After gaining significant success with our range of Ayurvedic products, we have now started with third party manufacturing of herbal medicines. We undertake contract manufacturing of various types of herbal Skin Care, Health Care, Hair Care & Toiletries products ...


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To achieve this objective, we continuously strive to innovate and develop new product range.
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